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The Vision

Branches of Outreach

There are four living branches represented at The Delsa - Environmental, Educational, Personal Wellness and Charitable. While each is unique in their own right, the goal is to interweave all four in a way that creates a wholesome experience that provides what every individual needs to survive and be healthy - physically, mentally and emotionally: 

sustenance, shelter, and companionship. 

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What Will It Look Like?

The Vision is to bring this together in a way that is practical as well as educational.  As the old adage says,

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The Delsa will be a vibrant, interactive retreat that will include:

  • self-sustainable housing for staff to reduce environmental impact;

  • two large greenhouses for year round gardening and open acreage to grow organic produce that will be donated to local charities, food banks, shelters and churches, as well as providing nourishment to those staying at the retreat;

  • self-sustainable housing for guests that likewise reduces the environmental impact and provides temporary private accommodations to those that have a need to getaway and regroup - to those who are interested in learning more about healthier ways to live - for hospice refuge for those without family or comfortable surroundings - and for various other individuals and groups that would find solace at the retreat;

  • and lastly a self sustainable central gathering place for food preparation, educational experiences, relaxation, group meals and various events.

Mission Statement

...No one should be alone.

We are here to support, encourage, and educate with successful methods to provide sustenance, shelter and companionship to all.  
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Our Mission
Senior Woman

Philosophy and Values

The philosophy and values encompassed by The Delsa are found in the acronym of the same: 

Dedicated to hope

Eternally grateful

Love for all

Sharing with joy

Attuned to the environment

Build a sustainable retreat that fulfills the vision by 2025. (Developed in 3 phases)
Farm an acre of land to grow and harvest organic produce to help feed the local and surrounding communities.
Provide the ability for others to learn how to live hand in hand with the environment and preserve our world.
Provide a retreat where those in need of spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional comfort can find answers and rest.


Our Goals
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Yes - I'm in!

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