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Phase 1

Phase 1 - Active

Purchase base location and move
Open doors for contributors and participants
Build raised beds and begin starter gardens
Identify and purchase 20+ acres for location of retreat
Create, submit and obtain approval on full set of self sustainable development plans
Prepare soil and erect two greenhouses
Build first self sustainable staff home

Projected Budget $1,265,200.


Phase 2

Preparation of site for further development

Build second self sustainable staff home and five to seven self sustainable ADU homes

Open doors for educational opportunities

Expand gardens and begin charitable distribution

Projected Budget $995,000.

Phase 2

Phase 3

Build a self sustainable gathering place for commercial kitchen, classes, events and community meals.
Expand gardens and further the outreach
Open doors for charitable retreats, community meals, and hospice provision

Projected Budget $594,000.

Gourmet Meal

Let's Make This A Reality

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