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Why Delsa?

Many have asked how the retreat came to be named “The Delsa”.

Delsa was a precious elderly woman I knew many years ago. She had a hard life, but you’d never know it when speaking to her. It's a long story (which I'm always willing to share), but in the end I had to watch Delsa spend the last months of her life alone and in strange surroundings. In her late 90’s she had been abandoned by the only natural family she had and because of my own personal challenges at the time, I was unable to help her physically.

Feeling as though I was watching with my hands tied behind my back it created such a depth of sorrow in me that when she passed, overwhelmed with tears of grief, I told myself that one day I would create a place for people like Delsa - so they could be surrounded by caring people, and likewise be in a beautiful environment to pass with dignity. 


When this vision began to unfold, I knew that providing charitable care for the elderly and dying would be a part of the mission - so in her honor and memory, I named the retreat The Delsa.

Afterwards, I went looking for the meaning of the name Delsa and was pleasantly surprised to find out it means "comfort of the heart"... how perfectly fitting.

Here's to you Delsa!


- Rose Hammer


…No one should be alone. 

Together We're Better

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Board of Directors

Rose Hammer

The Delsa Founder/CEO
Badin Lake, NC

Lenee Pezzano

Economic Development
Columbus, OH

Daniel Hammer

Corporate Management

Cheri Abraham

Colorado Springs, CO

David Hammer

CS Management
Austin, TX

Advisory Board

Kelly Clarke

Director of Nonprofit
Elgin, TX

Anita Erickson

Marketing Director/Entrepreneur
Austin, TX

Lisa Etherington

Lancaster, CA

Colleen McDaniel

Landscaper/Organic Farmer
Badin, NC

Lisa Nitsch

Director of Training/Education
Baltimore, MD

Angela Odom

Property Management
Austin, TX

Charlanne Tippett

Photo Journalist
New London, NC

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Board Members

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