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Summer - A Time Of Discovery

Summer we found ourselves exploring Badin Lake, the Uwharrie National Forest, and the surrounding area. Whether boating, hiking, fishing, caring for the local wandering dogs and cats, taking long walks in the neighborhood, or getting to know our new neighbors. It was a fun time to discover all the activities and people that were around - and all of it a continued confirmation that we were in the right place for The Delsa.

Besides all the fun we were having, there were still countless hours of cleaning up and repairing the property - both inside and out - but progress was starting to show, and we were settling in nicely.

As I made my way through each side of the property it was always a new discovery. Underneath the overgrowth and vines, I found suffocating flowers and shrubs that were only too happy to be rid of their excess weight. Because they had been deprived of sun for so long, many were elongated as they had attempted to find the sunshine they needed to thrive. So even after removing all the dead weight, they also had to be severely pruned to help them recover. Many of the smaller trees on the property were also being strangled by vines, literally. Cutting and unwinding, sometimes having to dig the vines out from where they had become a part of the tree trunk from clinging so tightly, I would talk to the trees and let them know "it's almost over, hang on, you're going to be free here in just a bit". As I made my way through the landscape, I found myself pondering about what I was doing and how this was exactly the purpose of The Delsa. To set free, help alleviate a burden, bring back life and give hope. What joy that brings from deep within!


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