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The 30 Day Challenge / May 20-June 19

500 People, $25/month, for 1 year - Why this?

Since July 2020 the vision for The Delsa has been unfolding along with the necessary research, legal formation, nonprofit status registrations, and turning the "vision" into an actual plan of action that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. (Yes, that's SMART goals!)

April 2022 - full time

While the move to Badin Lake to establish The Delsa occurred in April 2021, it wasn't until April 2022 that the Founder and CEO (that would be me - {smiling}) was able to devote a full-time schedule to The Delsa. Because of this change, goals have now been given targeted time frames to continue to move the development of The Delsa forward, while implementing current activities on a smaller scale.

The Delsa - global outreach

Due to the nature of The Delsa outreaches that encompass environmental concerns, educational opportunities, personal wellness and charitable activities; the outreach is not limited to North Carolina, and the anticipation is that many will come from all over to partake in the dynamic, multifaceted activities occurring at the retreat at any given time. Thus our belief that the more people who hear about The Delsa and recognize the value, the more who will join hands with us!

The Answer

Why this? The answer is we opted to do a 30 Day Challenge as a Foundational Drive and chose these parameters purposefully:

  • making the request a small one - $25/month is easy on most budgets;

  • putting a deadline on it - only 1 year, so there is an end to it;

  • looking for 500 people to commit - gets the word out to more people, allowing others to share, especially around the nation. This also gives opportunity for others to hear about The Delsa and understand that this is available to their families and friends as well; that they may have services they would like to offer in educational classes, or as volunteers; or they may know of individuals, or groups, that would benefit from an experience at The Delsa and they help connect us. There are so many ways we can Join Hands!

Thus we felt this approach was the best way to launch The Delsa. This provides the foundation to purchase needed equipment, cover daily operational costs, and allow for staff to be hired to facilitate the further growth of the vision.

Please share this blog, the link, and our hearts....everywhere! Thanks in advance for your support - we can do this!

(The Delsa is a 501c3 and all contributions are tax deductible.)


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