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Exploration - Scouting For Land At Badin Lake

After hours and hours of personal time being spent pouring over North Carolina information, economy, weather, GIS sites, deeds, property listings, land locations, elevations, land topography, and reaching out to property owners of potential sites, it was time to take an actual trip to Badin Lake and check it out for ourselves.

Yes, we had never been there before! All decisions to come to this area were based on research...well, and some heartstrings pulling on me to return to the east coast where my family originated from.

This trip was very important as we had identified a land parcel and an available home just down the road from it. It was ideal. The land was beautifully situated and we could walk there from the home - so a great base location from which The Delsa could begin.

Badin Lake and the surrounding area turned out to be everything we had hoped for. Several thriving small communities in and around the area, in the midst of absolutely stunning views of God's beauty. My biggest concern in moving to North Carolina was whether people were friendly. Coming from Texas where people in general are very friendly...I wanted to make sure. By the time our trip was over, my daughter and I were agreed - we both felt people in North Carolina were even friendlier. No offence my Texan friends and family - I'll always love you!

The conversations with the property owner went well and we tied up the purchase of the base location. Likewise, we spent a day traversing the land with the land owners, and touring the neighborhood. The land was even better than I had anticipated and it moved me deeply as I stood atop the property and gazed across to the Uwharrie National Forest. What a breathtaking view that could bring healing to so many. The owners provided lots of good information on the area and the initial conversations went well. They were interested in continued conversations and we left to head back to Austin knowing that Badin Lake was where The Delsa was going to be.

It was time to go home and start making plans to move...


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