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A Year Later - Trust, Hope & Love

The past year I found myself changing in wondrous ways, even as each unique season of the year passed. For myself personally it was a time of healing, a deepening trust, and a growing knowledge that what God has planned here is much greater than what I originally envisioned. It's been a time of reflection, confirmation and a solidifying of what I know to be true... and finding rest in the waiting.

The Seasons

One of the first things I discovered when we moved here was the beauty of silence. The first night I laid my head on my pillow I was awed by the silence...reverent, still, deep. I could stand outside and hear absolutely nothing. Sometimes it would be almost deafening - an odd paradox, and one that leaves you keenly aware of yourself and your own thoughts. During the day I was taken aback by the surrounding beauty - tall, diverse and stately green trees, budding spring flowers, glistening lake waters and the fresh air full of beautiful song birds. At night, it was just as moving as I would watch the shimmering lake turn lovely shades of pinks and blues, and as the sun would slip beyond the horizon a dark world would reveal a myriad of stars whilst glowing eyes would peer back at me from behind the bushes below.

As the year passed by each new season was an exciting adventure. What plant life would show up, what animals would be seen, what was the weather to be like, how would things change at the lake? It did not disappoint and each season brought with it much joy. I've shared with many that moving to Badin Lake has been "good for my soul".

Death and Life

As mentioned in the previous blog Winter - A Time of Vision, God was indeed preparing me for the unexpected. One morning, already underway in daily activities, a text message came across from the CEO of the company I worked for asking if they could visit with me for ten minutes. This was not uncommon for my role as the Chief Operating Officer - there were always things to discuss and checking in from time to time on matters was the norm. What was thought to be a routine conversation turned out to be a notification that they were terminating my position effective immediately. It was not a matter of non-performance - in fact he thanked me for everything I had done to turn the company around, and expressed that he had never seen a work ethic like mine before. Sadly, it was a circumstance of having accepted bad counsel from an outside party at a critical time for the company, as we had made great strides and were just turning the corner in getting it stabilized. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could say to talk him off the ledge.

As I sat stunned in unbelief and listening to the words roll off his tongue, there was an unusual peace that began to sweep over me until I was keenly aware that God was the one doing this... and therefore, it was imperative to understand what God was wanting me to do.

At the counsel of my precious daughter, I took four days and did absolutely nothing, other than resting and asking God for direction. At the end of the fourth day I could see clearly that he was releasing me from this position to focus on The Delsa. He had used this particular company and their circumstances to get me to North Carolina, and he was removing them to catapult me into the reason for my being create a vibrant retreat interweaving environment, education, personal wellness, and charitable activities into a life changing experience! Onward!

On April 14th, 2022, it became The Delsa full time!


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