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A Vibrant Retreat Center
Interweaving Environmental Awareness, Education, Personal Wellness, and Charitable Activities into
a Life Changing Experience.

An experiential example of how we can live in harmony with the land, using the air, sun and water around us, to improve our own health, and the health of the world around us.

Environmental Harmony

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Offering educational opportunities to grow organic food, build self-sustainable housing, and discover ways to help ourselves and others grow in more productive and meaningful ways.  

Sharing Knowledge

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Personal Enrichment

Providing comfort through connection with nature, creating a place of joy and opportunity, and offering hope to those whose needs cannot be met through their own means.

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Bringing together those with like passions to provide care for others via charitable goods and services in the realms of shelter, food, education, and personal wellness.

Compassionate Action

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Upcoming Events

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