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At Last! Start-Up Garden Underway

Gardening is not only a practical solution to feeding your family and others, but for myself it is also very therapeutic, and an activity I thoroughly enjoy. There's just something about playing in the dirt, working hard, and then watching nature unfold! So many life lessons to be discovered.

The Delsa start-up garden has been a huge project - mostly because it's been built by myself, literally one concrete block at a time, with intermittent help from my daughter. That said, I couldn't have done it without her or without the kindness and generosity of our neighbors! We had two neighbors allow us to gather concrete blocks from homes they were demolishing. One home was next door and I hauled 80 blocks over one at a time; the other home was down the street and my wonderful neighbor across the way offered his truck and trailer so I could load them, and then he hauled them over and helped unload them. In addition we had two wonderful persons contribute to The Delsa much needed garden soil to fill the 16'x30' raised bed.

The raised garden bed was built from used concrete blocks and bricks. Not the prettiest site, but if we can grow food in there - it's a beautiful thing! It was filled with brush from last summer's pruning's and then we distributed 24cy of dirt over that - one 5 gallon bucket at a time! We then added a layer of composting leaves, set them on fire, added additional amendments and a layer of rich topsoil and mixed it all up real well!

Next was the installation of paths in the garden, created from old bricks that were on the property when it was purchased. This provides clear paths to work and avoid trampling on plants, as well as dividing the garden up into different sections.

The day I thought we were ready to sow the seeds, I went out to the garden only to find out that something had gone through a flower bed and eaten every single blossom! While I was initially upset, wisdom dictated that the warning be heeded, and that fencing was going to have to go up around the garden. We discovered some inexpensive netting and purchased the poles - and up it went. Then it was finally time to sow! The day had been so longed for and anticipated. After sowing the seeds, we expected not to see anything for a week or two, but three days later the cucumbers popped up, then the corn, the basil, the dill, the hyssop and today - the tomatoes have made their entrance. What a delightful surprise! Hoping we'll be able to get a great harvest in before the first freeze....if nature will cooperate!

Below is a pictorial story of the progress from the start of the first concrete block to seed planting - and the exciting surfacing of the cucumbers and corn! Enjoy!


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